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The University of Papua New Guinea Administration Denies Student Boycott

PORT MORESBY - The University of Papua New Guinea's administration has denied authorising the boycott of classes or sanctioning students activities, like last week's planned protest over the government's new asylum seeker deal, with Australia.

It's Vice Chancellor, Professor Albert Mellam told reporters in Port Moresby, that students will still attend classes.

Professor Mellam assured parents, stakeholders and the general public, that rumours of boycotting classes are misleading and the media publicity by the Student Representative Council, is incorrect.

Professor Mellam says as per the University Calendar, this week is a consolidation week for students to catch up on assignments, tests and lectures they missed.

The Vice Chancellor says they wont allow boycotting and suspension of classes to compromise the academic year as UPNG has a tight schedule in conducting its business, coupled with a weak financial position to prolong the academic year.

He says in this regard the Senate, a highest academic body has the power to authorise cancellation of classes.

"We do not have that authority to involve cancellation of classes or cancellation of academic activity," Professor Mellam told NBC News.

He says there are process and procedures in place such as a dialogue which he described as the most effectively way of communication and expressing our rights and views with relevant authorities and the parties concerned

Classes at U-P-N-G, will resume next week, with most students indicating their return to studies. [PNGFacts]


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