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Nadine Chandrawinata Enjoy Diving From Aceh to Papua

JAKARTA - Model Nadine Chandrawinata said she had no specific spots to enjoy underwater scenery in Indonesia, everywhere in Indonesia was attractive.

“It’s hard to say which area is the most interesting. I enjoy diving from one corner to the other, from Aceh all the way to Papua,” she said as quoted by kompas.com. 

From her travel experiences, she acknowledged there were so many things in Indonesia that could be filmed.

“I ask you all to take part in the Video Kreatif Rakyat competition. It’s not hard, you can just record it using your smartphone and send the videos to videokreatifrakyat.com,” she said during the press conference of the competition, which was organized by the Indonesian government.

She said if she was able to take part in the competition, she would have explored the marine diversity of Aceh or Papua. [TheJakartaPost]


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