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Villages in Supiori Regency get USD 103,200 from Autonomy Funds

WANDOS (SUPIORI) - It is fitting that 38 kampungs (villages) in Supiori regency in Papua Province are nicknamed “Kampung Otsus” because all of the needs of their residents are now covered by special autonomy or Otsus funds amounting to Rp 1.2 billion (US$103,200) per village.

All of the kampungs have access to electricity and clean drinking water, and each household has been allocated 50 kilograms of rice per month. Children also have access to free education while funds are provided for students to pursue higher education.

“Clean water is provided every day to households and they also have access to electricity so that they can watch television. Children can go to school, are provided with uniforms and other school tools. It is very comfortable to live here now. Why do we have to move to other cities if it’s already comfortable to live in our kampung?” said Mia Mandosir, 26, a mother of three from Kampung Wandos, Supiori.

Besides education and basic living expenses, the residents are also provided with free healthcare services. “If we get sick, we can just go to the community health center (Puskesmas) to get free medical examinations and medicine,” said Mia.

The Supiori administration has also allocated Rp 1 billion for child birth insurance program Jaminan Persalinan (Jampersal) to promote child birth in healthcare facilities.

Supiori Regent Fred Manufandu said there were reasons for why the residents living in kampungs were provided with such services.

“It’s important to develop young, smart and healthy young generations. How will children grow healthily if they do not have enough food? Malnourishment would affect their learning abilities. They would also be unable to access adequate education without proper financial support,” he said.

Fred further said, “If the younger generation is unhealthy and has poor educational backgrounds, then people in this regency will continue to be left behind”.

With other 148 regencies in Indonesia, the Supiori regency, home to 19,182 people, is categorized as a disadvantaged region. [TheJakartaPost]


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