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4 Papuan Wrestler will Compete in Inter-PPLP Championship

JAYAPURA - Four wrestling athletes from the Student Training and Education Center (PPLP) of Papua are ready to compete in the Inter-PPLP Wrestling Championship in Padang, West Sumatera from 16 -19 October.

“I hope they can use this event as the way to improve their performance in the future so they would be ready to replace their seniors someday,” said the Secretary of Provincial Committee of PGSI (Indonesian Wrestling Association) Papua, Petrus Rumbiak on Thursday (9/10).

“But it all depends on their performance in every tournament,” said Rumbiak, adding that  Robert Kekry and Richard Baransano have been appointed coaches for the team.

“Lack of sparring partners is our major problem besides proper equipment and gyms,” said Rumbiak.

Richard Baransano said the student athletes have undergone a long training session, but they have  the problem of poor facilities. However, he said this should not divert them from their focus on the tournament in Padang. The four athletes who will compete in freestyle competition are Salim (class 55 Kg), Kelim Kogoya (class 63 Kg), Aprilio Mufara (Class 65 Kg) and Jack Yansenem (Class 54 Kg). [Jubi]


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