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Joko Widodo Consider to Construct a Sea Toll Gate in Mimika

JAYAPURA CITY - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is considering the request made by the Papua provincial administration to construct a sea toll gate in Timika, Mimika district.

"We will look into the possibility," he affirmed while conducting the first ceremonial groundbreaking of Hamadi-Holtekam Bridge said here on Saturday.

In the upcoming months, several sea toll gates will be inaugurated, including one in Sorong, West Papua province, he added.

"Around August-September, the sea toll gate in Sorong is expected to commence operations. The sea toll gate was built on land covering 7,000 hectares and comprises a seaport, power plant center, and industrial areas," the president noted.

Earlier, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Indroyono Soesilo had stated that the ministry had accepted all requests.

"Currently, the government is focusing on the new program that has been assigned. The Sorong Seaport is one of the five sea toll gates in Indonesia that we are focusing on," he remarked.

In addition, Head of Papuas Planning and Development Agency Muhammad Musaad said that the administration expected a sea toll gate to be built in Papua as well.

Timika and Depapre, Jayapura district, are two suitable locations where a sea toll gate can be constructed.

These seaports will highly affect the prices of goods distributed in Papua, and therefore, will encourage economic growth in the community. [Antara]


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