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Lukas Enembe Criticize Jakarta for the Exploiting Papuan Wealth Decisions

JAYAPURA CITY - Papua Governor Lukas Enembe urged the central government in Jakarta to stop exploiting Papuan wealth and involve Papuans in decision-making related to its resources.

“The stones, soils and gold: Do they belong to them? It belongs to the people of Papua. They cannot just come to claim and take it, and then talk about it in Jakarta,” Enembe told reporters in Jayapura on Tuesday (30/6).

He said Papuans have a right to manage their natural resources on their own and this issue should not be brought to Jakarta into discussion without involving the local community and the authorized persons.

‘Where do you come from? Did your ancestors put all those things in here? It’s awkward. This mine and gold was a gift from God to the people of this land, Papuans,” he said.

The governor said anyone from outside of Papua would not be allowed to come and take the wealth of Papua.

“The existing natural resources in Papua should be used for the development of Papua. Everyone should say that, all natural resources in Papua must not take by others while people are still living in poverty,” said Enembe.

Meanwhile, the Head of Papua Energy and Mineral Resources Office Bangun Manurung separately admitted his office has sent a letter of complain to the Central Government, in particularly the discussion on the Contract of Work of PT. Freeport Indonesia that did not involve the governor and other regional authorities.

“We strongly refuse such a mechanism, because the governor expected the related issues to be discussed in Papua with the involvement of Papuan community and the governor as well,” he said.

For that reason, he said, he would continue sending the same letter until their aspiration is being heard by the Central Government. Because if talking about the mining without involved Papua would be wasted.

“Is it proper if talking about the future of mining and Freeport without involving the local community and the governor? Is it proper? Off course not,” said Manurung. [Jubi]


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