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Many Papua Police Officers Avoid Duty, Yotje Mende Says

JAYAPURA CITY - Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende admitted that many officers in Papua are often absent from duty. The local police offices are now taking measures to discipline their officers, he said.

“That’s why I applied an everyday trial policy. It’s meant to enforce the ethics of profession and so on. The president wants the Indonesian Police to improve their performance and provide the best services for the community. Here is the problem because there are so many officers who absent on duty,” said Mende on Wednesday (1/7).

He said the officers who usually absent on duty are those who assigned in Papua Central Mountains area such as Pegunungan Bintang regency, Lanny Jaya regency, Puncak Jaya regency and Mamberamo Tengah regency.

“They should be at local police station instead of Jayapura. We will fix this. Discipline among police officers becomes an issue that should be addressed immediately,” he said.

Besides to reform the discipline of its members and other internal issues, the Papua Police is also attempting to optimize their power. He said the power improvement is needed for police stations in several regions, because some stations must oversee more that one regency.

“Such as Jayawijaya Police Station, Paniai Police Station and Nabire Police station. Such kind of offices need more personnel,” he said.  [Jubi]


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