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Relatives of Deceased call for Probe on Shooting

WABAG (ENGA) - Relatives of a man, who was allegedly shot by security forces engaged in the Porgera state of emergency call-out in Enga, have taken his body to the police station. They left it there and demanded an immediate investigation.

Provincal police commander acting Supt George Kakas went to Porgera town on Saturday to talk to the grieving relatives and assured them that a full investigation would be carried out.

Kakas told them that no one, including police officers, was above the law and those responsible would be charged.

The man has been identified as Wilson Pepa, 21. Angry relatives took his body to the police station and left it there. It was later taken to the Wabag Hospital morgue.

Laiagam-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape, who was present on Saturday, said the officers responsible for the shooting should be transferred out of Porgera police station. [TheNational]


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